Tomorrow is the deadline for 2014 grants.  In years past I would have said IOLTA grants, but for 2014 IOLTA funds will make up only 29% of the $381,000 the foundation has available to give out.  This year’s grants will be awarded in December and will be the lowest amount of grants the foundation has awarded since 2007.   Eighty percent of the foundation’s grants go to groups that provide free civil legal aid to ... View More >>

Two lawyers called our office today because they had received emails supposedly from a company in Texas requesting that they transfer funds to them from their trust accounts to cover a check that was returned.  This is a scam.  Please delete this email if you receive it.  Your bank would notify you of an overdraft on your trust account.

Thank you to the attorneys who alerted us to this new scam.  Here is the text of ... View More >>

This year’s annual meeting has been a good one so far. The foundation board ends its year each July and begins a new year. Rocky Watson of Fort Payne has concluded a two-year term as president of the Alabama Law Foundation. We thank Rocky for his service. Like several other recent presidents, Rocky looked for new initiatives to put the foundation on a stronger financial footing for the future.

Rocky is strongly committed to the provision ... View More >>

The rules establishing the Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program and the Client Security Fund were approved by the Supreme Court of Alabama on the same day in 1987.  Since that time many bar members have gotten the two programs confused with each other, but they are completely different.  In fact, a number of people have recently contacted us asking why they have to complete a trust account certification when they have already paid ... View More >>

In order for Alabama State Bar members to complete their trust account certifications they must log in to the member area of the state bar website.  However, if you’re an America Online user you may find that you can’t log in when  attempting to do so from there.  The reason is that the America Online internet browser doesn’t accept cookies from the bar website.

What is a cookie?  It’s a tiny piece of data that to ... View More >>

The deadline for in-state bar members who hold a current occupational license to submit their certifications is less than a week away.  June 30 is the deadline, but since that’s a Sunday you have until Monday, July 1 to complete your certification.  So far 8,230 members have completed their certifications.  That is great, but there are still 3,500 people who need to complete certifications.  We are sending out reminder emails this week to those who ... View More >>

The annual trust account certification deadline is June 30, although that is a Sunday so certifications will be accepted through 11:59 PM on July 1.  As of today 7,174 of the 11,795 bar members required to submit certifications have done so, a certification rate of 60%.  Foundation staff have received a number of questions from bar members about the certification process.  I will address some of the most common questions below.  Be aware though that ... View More >>

The Alabama Law Foundation has two law school scholarships it administers, the Cabaniss Johnston Scholarship and the Justice Janie L. Shores Scholarship.  The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, June 7.  Transcripts don’t have to be to our office by then, but applications must be submitted online.

The Cabaniss Johnston Scholarship was established by the firm of Cabaniss, Johnston, Gardner, Dumas & O’Neal in 1987 to commemorate  the 100th anniversary of the firm’s founding.  It was ... View More >>

Please take a look around at what we do and the ways we help people. I hope you’ll find our site a useful resource on access to justice issues and news in the future. It will be easier for us to keep our content up to date than it was on our old site, so look for more frequent updates.

The foundation started out 25 years ago running the IOLTA program and the Cabaniss Johnston scholarship fund. I ... View More >>

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