Recent Contributions

We express our thanks to the following individuals and organizations who have recently made contributions to support the foundation’s work.

General Fund

Evan Baggett

Jere L. Beasley

Julia A. Beasley

George L. Beck Jr., In Memory of Wade Baxley

Mack Binion, In Memory of Ronnie E. Keahey

Mack Binion, In Memory of Joseph Nix

Briskman & Binion, In Memory of Robert Watson

Katy S. Campbell

Campbell Law

John L. Carroll

Sue Bell & Bill Cobb, In Memory of Walter Turner

Bess M. Parrish Creswell

Crum Family Charitable Foundation

Cullman County Bar Association, In Memory of Tony McLain

Shirley Dorrough

Samuel H. Franklin

Henry I. Frohsin

Madeline Haikala

John Harper

Ben H. Harris Jr., In Honor of Reggie Hamner

John M. Herke

Helene Hibbard, In Memory of Tom Jones

Heather Houston, In Memory of Justin W. Parsons

Norman Jetmundsen Jr., In Memory of Judge Gormon Rosen

Anthony & Cassandra Joseph, In Memory of Tony McLain

Robert L. Loftin III

Crawford McGivaren Jr.

P. Ben McLauchlin Jr.

William H. Mills

Robert H. Neill

Claud  D. Neilson

Ryan S. Rummage

William A. Ryan, In Memory of Ronnie E. Keahey

Fern Singer

Allison O. Skinner

Stuart E. Smith

Malcolm B. Street Jr.

Charles W. Surasky

William H. Turner

Janet White, In Honor of Tracy Daniel


Jere L. Beasley

Carr Allison

Kristi K. DuBose

Maura Goodwyn

Elizabeth Johnson

Jane Killian

J. Flynn Mozingo

Karen Rodgers

Mark Sabel

Malcolm B. Street Jr.


Sheila Ayers

Mary Margaret Bailey

Jere L. Beasley

Claire Black

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Hollace Briskman, In Memory of Judge Robert Kendall

Roianne Conner

Martha Cook

Samuel N. Crosby

R. Jack Drake

Jacqueline Owings-Morrette

Jeaneane & John Quinn

Beth Robinson

Rusha Smith

Malcolm B. Street Jr.

Martha Thompson

Women’s Section of the Alabama State Bar

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