There are less than two weeks remaining to submit your annual trust account certification.  The system is completely new this year so the process works differently than before.   Everyone who purchases an occupational license still has to submit a certification whether you have an IOLTA account or not, whether you are in the private practice of law or work for a company or other organization that is not a law firm.  If you have not yet submitted your annual certification, read on to see what you need to do.  If you are a special member, live out of state or were admitted to the Alabama State Bar on September 26, 2014 you do not have to submit a certification.

To submit a certification you will need to create a password. Go to the online certification website, click the button that says “Submit Your Certification” and follow the instructions to create a new account.  Your password for the Alabama State Bar website did not carry over to this website.

Are you with a firm?  Firms no longer submit a certification for every member of the firm at once.  Each bar member required to submit a certification will now submit his or her own.  Do not panic.  You will not have to enter actual trust account information. Someone else in the firm takes care of that.  You will just need to create a user account, login and select the name of your firm.

Are you a solo practitioner?  This year you have to do BOTH parts of the process:  submit your certification and enter your account information (if you have a trust account).

How do you enter trust account information?  Trust account information is now entered separately from lawyer certifications.  We made this change for two reasons 1) increased security and 2) so that trust account numbers do not have to be entered every year unless the account changes.  We assign everyone who needs to enter trust account information a secure password.  If nobody in your office has received a secure password contact us.  To enter your/your firm’s trust account information go to the online certification website, click the button that says “Add or Change Your Account Information” and login using the secure password you received from the Alabama Law Foundation.

Why are we assigning passwords for this instead of letting you create your own?  One word. Security.  We take the security of your bank account information seriously and do not want people using easily cracked passwords like Rolltide1 or Wareagle1 to enter it!

If you get stuck at any point in the process you may find these video tutorials helpful.  You can also contact us by email.

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