It is that time of year again.  You may think I am talking about football season, but I am talking about trust account certification.  Bar members will now submit trust account certifications September 1  through October 31 instead of in the spring.  We made that change to make it easier to remember since you also pay bar dues in September.

There is another change to the certification process.  Each bar member who has an occupational license and has an office in Alabama will need to submit a certification.  One person at each firm will be assigned an admin password to enter trust account information.  Sole practitioners will receive an admin password to enter their trust account information.  The great thing is that trust account information no longer has to be entered every year unless you have a change!

We have sent admin passwords to a number of people already.  If you have not yet received one contact us.  The website contains instructions, but if you get stuck we have made a couple of short video tutorials.

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