After six years the foundation is making some changes to trust account certification. From now on Alabama State Bar members will complete their trust account certifications from September 1 – October 31 each year, the same time they pay bar dues. Certification will no longer include entering account information. That is a separate step. One reason we made this change is so that account information does not have to be entered every year if it does not change. Each member will also complete his or her own certification each year because the firm certification missed a number of people for various reasons.

The trust account website is located here.  To enter your account information click on the button that says “Add or Change Your Account Information” and login using the password we emailed you recently.  If you did not receive a password email us at and we will send you one.  Only sole practitioners and one person at each firm will need to enter account information.

Each lawyer will need to create a password so he/she can login and submit a certification.  To do that click on the button that says “Submit Your Certification”.  At the top and bottom of the Attorney Login page you will see links that say “Create an Account” .  Click that link and complete the form to create an account.  You cannot login until you have created an account and verified it.  Once logged in, select the option that best fits your circumstances.  If you work at a firm that has an IOLTA account or have an account yourself you will click the first option on the page and select your or your firm’s name from a list.

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