In-state bar members who purchased an occupational license are usually required to submit trust account certifications between May 1 – June 30 every year.  This year we are changing the certification period to September 1-October 31.  Members renew their memberships during this period and we thought it would be easier to take care of everything at the same time of year.

The Alabama Law Foundation recently bought new software to track IOLTA accounts and interest.  As part of that system we are also developing a new website for trust account certification.  Account information will not need to be entered every year unless a lawyer or firm opens a new account or closes an account.  We will send login information to firm administrators in early August.  Individual lawyers will receive certification reminders at the beginning of September.  Our goal is to make the certification process easier for bar members who are required to certify whether they have an IOLTA account or are exempt because they do not hold client funds.

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