What an exciting weekend of football.  The Auburn-Alabama game may be over but the ALF football challenge still has five more days to go.  As of today Orange & Blue is leading Crimson & White $8,950 to $7,321.  That can change quickly so join these folks who have already supported their side.

If you were pulling for the winning team Saturday you can help your team win twice.  If your team didn’t win Saturday’s game your team can still win this game.  In the words of the immortal Bluto Blutarsky, “Nothing is over until we decide it is.”

We’ve raised over $15,000 so far.  The people helped by the foundation’s grantees will appreciate your donations.

P.S.  If you’re wondering who Bluto Blutarsky is, that was John Belushi’s character in the movie Animal House.  If you’d like to watch the classic clip of his speech click here.  Warning. There’s a little foul language.


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