Two lawyers called our office today because they had received emails supposedly from a company in Texas requesting that they transfer funds to them from their trust accounts to cover a check that was returned.  This is a scam.  Please delete this email if you receive it.  Your bank would notify you of an overdraft on your trust account.

Thank you to the attorneys who alerted us to this new scam.  Here is the text of the email.

“Please see the attached IOLTA report for 7448-1996. We received a check request in the amount of $19,521.42 for the above referenced file. However, the attached report reflects a $0 balance. At your earliest convenience, please advise how this request is to be funded. Thanks.

Chris Cisneros
Accounts Payable
National Bankruptcy Services, LLC
9441 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75245
(214) 550-4012″

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