This year’s annual meeting has been a good one so far. The foundation board ends its year each July and begins a new year. Rocky Watson of Fort Payne has concluded a two-year term as president of the Alabama Law Foundation. We thank Rocky for his service. Like several other recent presidents, Rocky looked for new initiatives to put the foundation on a stronger financial footing for the future.

Rocky is strongly committed to the provision of access to justice for all residents of Alabama. He realized that interest rates on IOLTA accounts would stay much lower for much longer that we thought in 2008 and has searched for new sources of revenue. We will be asking for your continued support in the future.

Three board members concluded their terms at this meeting. Jim Pratt served on the board for three years as Alabama State Bar president-elect, president and immediate past president. Ben Rowe of Mobile and Cameron Vowell of Birmingham have each served six years. The foundation has benefitted from the knowledge and interest these three individuals brought to the board.

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