In order for Alabama State Bar members to complete their trust account certifications they must log in to the member area of the state bar website.  However, if you’re an America Online user you may find that you can’t log in when  attempting to do so from there.  The reason is that the America Online internet browser doesn’t accept cookies from the bar website.

What is a cookie?  It’s a tiny piece of data that to paraphrase former NFL coach Dennis Green lets the state bar website know that you are who you say you are when you login.  There is an easy way around this problem though.  You can just use another internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Usually you will have several small icons just to the right of your Start button.  The one for Internet Explorer looks like a blue lowercase e with a ring around it like Saturn. Click on that and it will open Internet Explorer.  Once it opens you can go to and you should be able to login to complete your certification.

As always, if you encounter problems email me at .


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