The deadline for in-state bar members who hold a current occupational license to submit their certifications is less than a week away.  June 30 is the deadline, but since that’s a Sunday you have until Monday, July 1 to complete your certification.  So far 8,230 members have completed their certifications.  That is great, but there are still 3,500 people who need to complete certifications.  We are sending out reminder emails this week to those who have not yet certified.

We’ll send the names of those who do not complete their trust account certifications by the deadline to the Office of General Counsel.  Last year 69 bar members were suspended for not certifying.  It really does not take long to do, so make sure you have either certified your IOLTA account information or certified that you are exempt from having an IOLTA account by the deadline.

Instructions can be found on the IOLTA section of our website.   My last blog post also answered some of the frequently asked questions we get about certification.  If you’re a member of a firm one person should submit the certification on behalf of the firm.   We can send your firm ID and password to the proper person if he/she does not have it.  Everyone else should complete his/her own certification.  The process does not take long, and we are here to answer any questions you have. Staff email addresses can be found in the “Meet the Staff” section under the “About Us” menu.

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